About Brianne

After my husband was hurt on the job, permanently disabling him, I quit being a
stay-at-home mom and entered the workforce. However, I still needed to run my home
with three children, two of which are on the autism spectrum, and work a full-time job!

I’ve worked several jobs, the hardest being the three years as a Medicaid Income Maintenance Caseworker, and realized I wanted something different. That highlighted my skills and
allowed me to create my own schedule.

That’s how my career as a Virtual Assistant was born.

Having to manage multiple schedules, stick to set routines, and a mom of three made me realize
how much of a VA I already was. Taking courses and learning the ropes was the icing on
the cake.

I understand the overwhelming feeling of having so much to do and wishing you could
replicate yourself!

My goal is to help overworked entrepreneurs get more time to grow their businesses and
do what they love.

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