Social Media 

            • Schedule posts 
            • Keep track of your content calendar 
            • Graphic Design 
            • Proper linking

Email Management 

  • Proofreading emails 
  • Managing your lists 
  • Setting up email sequences 
  • Email templates

Web Design 

              • WordPress 
              • Wix 
              • Square Space

Course Creation 

I mainly work in WordPress 

  • Setting up the login site 
  • Keeping the site private until purchased 
  • Backend linking, maintenance, and more? 

Why choose WordPress? 

  • It’s the least expensive option for you!
  • You own the site your course is live on 
  • You can troubleshoot and have access to all the maintenance yourself!
Brianne, I just have to take the time to thank you, you were so incredible for me. You stepped in for me while my main Assistant was out on maternity leave and made such a big contribution! You are dependable and loyal, honest and effective. You know tons of systems and tips for online programs, emailing, running a FB group, posting blogs, tracking client conversion, and on and on. And if you didn’t know a system I was already subscribed to, you would figure it out within hours! In the time that we worked together, my biz did in one quarter, what I did for an ENTIRE YEAR LAST YEAR! Any entrepreneur who wants to maintain ease, flow and goddess energy in this crazy technology age needs someone like Brianne on their team to take away the stress. Thank you so much Brianne! Couldn’t have done it without you!
– Melisa Keenan, CEO & Intimacy Coach at Coaching with Melisa Keenan, USA Today Bestselling Author
Brianne is wonderful to work with. She is precise, independent, she understands instructions clearly and executes them diligently. She delivered my project ahead of time. She knows her expertise well; I didn’t need to lose time by teaching her how to do things. She is a valuable professional.
-Ana in Style, Certified Virtual Personal Stylist and Visual Brand Consultant
Brianne specializes in website design & landing pages. She is passionate about helping her clients and giving them her best.
-Darryl Horton

Brianne is wonderful to work with. She is knowledgeable and considerate of my needs. She makes all of the headaches I have with websites look like a breeze. If you are looking for a tech VA, you can’t go wrong with Brianne.

DeeDee, Owner / Copywriter

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